Placing Equipment

Line Dragons:

Are your employees tired of dragging concrete delivery lines during those 5-hour, 300-yard pours? Help is here in the form of a pair of hose pulling machines aptly called the Line Dragon. 

Line Dragon Machines Pour Concrete Up to 60% Faster and with Less Labor!
The remote control concrete placement equipment handles the line pulling and the pouring so you don’t have to. The amount of time and manpower you save lead to larger profits and fewer comp claims.

Powered by GX390 gasoline engines, the Line Dragon concrete hose puller & placer will easily maneuver over rebar grid, radiant heat lines, Nelson studs, floor decking or other prepared surfaces. Weighing in at about 1,300 pounds means less weight per square inch of footprint than most of your team. The Placer is attached to the end of the delivery line and places concrete where you need it while the Dragger is 20’ away moving lines and keeping the excess line out of the pouring area.

Our remote-control hose handlers move forward, backward, left, right or diagonally. Both machines feature hose horns that keep your hose from kinking as you move. The placing boom swings 360 degrees making all areas accessible to the Placer. Both machines are radio-controlled with fully hydrostatic controls for easy operation at a safe distance making your team more efficient with huge savings.

Wanna Know How They Really Work? Check Out The Videos On This Page!