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R.L. McCoy Inc.

Was modified out of partnership formed in the early 1960’s. Robert L. McCoy is considered the founding father of the general business plan and construction company that exists today. The company, like all companies, started small and with little capital. Through hard work and continuing re-investment into his business, RL slowly built what was then known as Heavy Construction, Inc. into a successful business. Building bridges, driving piling and sheet piling, as well as small commercial demolition, were and still are the mainstays of R. L. McCoy, Inc. Through the years other branches of business, such as concrete pumping, have been added to R. L. McCoy’s long list of experience in the construction industry.

President’s statement:

R.L. McCoy, Inc. pledges to its employees that as long as the affairs of this company are in our hands, the following principles will govern our actions with employees. R.L. McCoy, Inc. employees and their welfare are very important to the success of our company. Our long-range objective; goals are the continuous development of a growing and prospering business through which both the employees and the company will benefit. Every employee is considered a member of our company team. Our success as a company is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee. It is our policy to work with all members of our team in a fair and friendly manner and to treat each team member with dignity and respect.

The management of R.L. McCoy, Inc. will work continually for the benefit of our present and prospective customers as well as our employees to improve the competitive position of our company. This will enable us to provide excellent jobs for our team members. General conditions such as safety, cleanliness, and employee accommodations will be evaluated at least annually for possible improvement and will always compare favorably with good industry practice. We will be pleased to meet with any employee to discuss suggested improvements in working conditions. We will devote our best effort to conduct an expanding business with in to prevail an atmosphere of harmony with opportunity for all employees of R.L. McCoy, Inc.

Mark McCoy — President


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